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Introducing the Ion Platform: A Revolutionary Tool for Minimally Invasive Lung Biopsies

For medical practitioners, lung biopsies can be incredibly invasive and dangerous procedures. Until recently, patients had to undergo painful operations to obtain tissue samples for diagnoses, and even then, the results were not always reliable. Now, however, medical professionals have access to the revolutionary Ion Platform — a device that makes minimally invasive biopsies easier […] READ MORE >

Inspire for Sleep Apnea: Groundbreaking Technology & Treatment

Sleep apnea is a severe condition that affects countless individuals across the globe. This disorder, in which a person’s breathing pauses for brief periods throughout the night, can be caused by different factors, such as physical obstruction from enlarged tonsils, obesity, or poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue. Risks Associated with Sleep Apnea […] READ MORE >

Pediatric Respiratory Diseases: Trends, Challenges, and Advances in Treatment

Pediatric respiratory diseases pose a significant global health burden, affecting millions of children and their families. Conditions such as asthma and respiratory infections are prevalent and can have long-lasting impacts on a child’s well-being. In this blog, Pulmonary & Sleep of Tampa Bay will delve into the prevalence of respiratory diseases in children, examine current […] READ MORE >

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