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We are proud to offer telemedicine (or secure two-way video connection with a doctor) to our established patients.

Telemedicine is the term for two-way communications technology that creates a convenient way for patients and physicians to exchange information. At Pulmonary & Sleep of Tampa Bay, we use video chat in our telemedicine service. It’s an efficient way to communicate with the personal touch that most people prefer over emails or phone messages.

From the comfort of their homes, via their computers, tablets, or cell phones, patients can take advantage of telemedicine to communicate their needs with a Pulmonary & Sleep of Tampa Bay physician or staff member. Using telemedicine, your physicians can authorize and write prescriptions, as well as dispense medical advice when appropriate.

Telemedicine reduces wait times, allowing you to see your specialist more quickly, and raise your concerns via video as if you were together in person. It is secure, private, and HIPAA-compliant. Our patients praise our telemedicine service for saving them time and allowing their health care needs to be met quickly and accurately.

Common Questions

What kinds of appointments can be done via telemedicine?

Telemedicine is not a substitute for a face-to-face appointment at one of Pulmonary and Sleep of Tampa Bay’s offices. It is another service we offer, taking advantage of easy technology to extend your relationship with your physicians beyond the conventional office visit.

Established patients who have been examined and diagnosed at Pulmonary & Sleep of Tampa Bay are eligible for our telemedicine services. We take into consideration the severity of the pulmonary or sleep condition, the stage of treatment, and the patient’s current health to determine whether telemedicine is an appropriate option.

How do you perform telemedicine?

Through the use of video chat, our physicians provide medical advice, as well as authorize and prescribe medications. We don’t think of telemedicine sessions as replacements for regular visits, but as a way to enhance and improve the quality of patients’ relationships with their doctors.

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FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL (813) 490-9495 or (813) 654-8100

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL (813) 490-9495 or (813) 654-8100

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